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School education – Project Nepal
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School education for orphans

Regulated schooling and the promotion of personal interests serve to strengthen self-confidence and to shape a self-determined life. Health is equally important in order to lead such a life.

In cooperation with the CHHAHARI Organization, we promote the long-term education of Nepalese orphans and children whose parents cannot guarantee their offspring. The orphanage, existing since 2008, accommodates between 20 and 25 children, whom we would like to offer opportunities for further development in addition to school. We therefore support language and music lessons, sports and participation in computer and dance courses.

In addition, we support young people who are aiming for a higher school education (studies or technical college).

Curiosity and curiosity are natural characteristics of Nepalis. Unfortunately, these cannot be constantly satisfied and promoted, since there is a lack of simple school material: school bags, exercise books and pens, money for the school uniform, blackboard and chalk, optimal teaching materials, functional and modern computers as well as the budget for foreign language teaching. We are working together to counteract this and to create a dignified and cheerful school and learning environment for the children of CHHAHARI.