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Project Nepal – स्वागतम् – Swagatam – Willkommen

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion“.

XIV. Dalai Lama

Anyone who has visited Nepal knows about the great friendliness, cosmopolitanism and hospitality of the local people. The warm, peaceful atmosphere touches everyone who experiences that the Nepalese want to share everything, even if they themselves have little.
A look at the world map shows Nepal between its two big neighbours India and China – between the peaks of the highest mountains on earth and the flat Terai region in the south. As a country, it looks back on a long history rich in tradition and unites a multitude of different cultures, languages and religions.

Despite this culturally rich past, Nepal is currently one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2015 it was also shaken by the worst earthquake in almost 80 years, the destruction of which still shapes the lives of many Nepalese.

The main goal of Project Nepal e.V. is to help orphans and children from very poor backgrounds. We support them especially in the following areas:

Through our visits to Nepal we are in close contact and exchange with Dr. Manoj, a Nepalese doctor at the Kathmandu Model Hospital. He is one of only 18 paediatric surgeons in the country. With a fund we support Dr. Manoj in providing needy children with necessary medical care. Because in Nepal there is no state aid to finance operations or other medical treatments.

We provide orphans of the CHHAHARI organisation with a long-term and sustainable school education and support extracurricular activities such as music, sports or dance lessons. We are currently supporting two girls in their higher vocational training to become sick nurses and in their studies of economics.

We support the five-year-old Bibin Tamang in a special affair of the heart. Bibin no longer has any contact with his biological parents and is raised by the loving elderly lady Sunmaya. We take over the financing of the school education as well as the medical costs. This year Bibin could proudly hold his first testimony in his hands.
We also support the reconstruction of the residential house of Sunmaya and Bibin. Due to the heavy monsoon rain this summer, first the roof and later parts of the walls collapsed. With our help, the construction work is already in full swing. For this current project we are very grateful for any help!

All supporters of the association work voluntarily and with great dedication to ensure that 100% of all donations reach the orphans of the CHHAHARI organization or the fund for the treatment of needy children at the Kathmandu Model Hospital.

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